Project Type: Capstone Project
Technology Used: Adobe XD
Project Presentation: Click here to view 
Team Members: 
Brad Liske
Kylie Yanick
Nicolas Lohmann
Chris Liu

Project Description: 
The Calgary transit app is used to buy transit tickets and view ticket wallets. 
For our capstone project, we decided to redesign the app and change some of its features to make it user-friendly. 
Our process of working on the project was to generate the first three ideas, create user personas, develop "how might we" questions, create the final prototype, and user test the final prototype. In our final prototype, we decided to focus on making the login feature internal instead of having the users use the Calgary Transit website to log in to their accounts.
Low-High Fidelity Prototypes: 
Calgary transit logo” from the Calgary transit website Click here to view

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